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5 Important tips one should follow to ace NEET

As NEET 2019 aspirants gear up for the final sprint to the finish line, they should only have one aim, that must be achieved with utmost focus and determination. With only 30 days left for the NEET examination, there is nothing new or different that students must attempt during this time as it could only lead to unnecessary confusion and panic. The time to study a topic that has not been attempted in the past is not a good idea. Here’s our list of top 5 tips that can help every NEET aspirant:

#1 Spend time understanding the exam pattern to plan your revision schedule

While you may have looked at the exam pattern in the past to create a study plan for NEET. You must do the same before creating your revision plan for the last few weeks leading up to the examination. This is extremely important as once you know the kind of paper you can expect, the exam pattern, the level of difficulty of the questions asked and the distribution of marks for each question, you will mentally feel more confident when you walk into the exam hall. Use the last few weeks to really focus on the most important topics along with the topics that you are most comfortable with or enjoy studying. This will help you clearly identify your strengths and weaknesses, which is helpful while attempting the paper.

#2 Be thorough with your NCERT textbooks

The material covered in the NCERT textbook is the syllabus for the NEET exam. It is extremely important that a NEET aspirant knows the contents of the NCERT textbooks from cover to cover. Once the student has completed studying from the NCERT textbook, they can refer to other textbooks which may describe a concept differently or have extra questions for practice or some tips to excel in the examination.

#3 Practice mock tests and previous year question papers

Time and again, the emphasis on previous year question papers and mock tests have been discussed on various forums such as your NEET coaching classes, your mentors, testimonials from past NEET achievers, online test preparation platforms and several blog posts. The previous year question papers give a NEET aspirant a fair idea of what to expect from the examination and the level of preparation that is required. Mock tests are made by NEET teaching faculty at coaching centres, publications and online platforms. Mock tests follow the same format as the previous year papers and giving the NEET aspirant more questions to practice. The NEET has also seen some topics and questions that have been repeatedly asked in the examination. Hence, on practising previous year papers you can find yourself in a favourable position during your NEET 2019 attempt, where you have already attempted similar or same questions before.

#4  Time Management is key

The most important skill that every competitive examination prepares you for is ‘Time Management’. The NEET is no different. Time management before the examination refers to how you went about studying for the entire duration of your exam preparation, which could be a period of one or two years and how you planned your day or week to assign and achieve your targets. Time management during the examination refers to creating a strategy for the number of questions that you must attempt to secure the minimum marks required to qualify, the number of questions that you must definitely not attempt due to the negative marking and the number of questions that you feel slightly confident about and wish to take a risk with. Assuming that the students are given the same amount of time to cover the same amount of syllabus with the same amount of course and reference material and then asked to sit for the exam, the one who will emerge victoriously will be the one who was successfully able to manage his/her time during the exam.

#5 Be your own cheerleader

Even if you are blessed to have a strong support system such as your family or your friends, they are only going to see you perform from the periphery, the actual battle has to be fought by nobody else, but you. With the immense competition that the NEET attracts, it is very easy for a student to get demotivated or doubt their capabilities, as they may see their peers doing better than them. Hence, it is extremely important to stay positive and keep reassuring yourself that you are headed in the right direction.

With great determination and perseverance, you can always crack exams like NEET. For better understanding and a detailed plan for your preparation, click here and start your journey with full focus and enthusiasm. All the best.