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How to Improve The IELTS Vocabulary?

When you are preparing for IELTS, you have to take care of the vocabulary as well. It is an important part of all the types of the test. Being prepared for the IELTS requires a ton of readiness, including understanding the test, knowing the systems, and rehearsing. It is basic for the understanding section, the listening part, for writing a decent exposition and for begetting the option to talk astonishingly in the talking test. IELTS preparation course is also helpful to improve your vocabulary.

To progress nicely, you have to know words. It is accepted that it takes 15-20 exposures to another word for it to turn out to be a piece of your vocabulary. Here is the collection of some methods to improve your vocabulary.

IELTS Vocabulary Tip: Read, Read, Read

The more you read, the more words you’ll be presented to. This is fundamental for IELTS readiness, and for expanding your English familiarity. Find out about things that intrigue you: Food, planting, style, big name news, financial aspects, science, legislative issues, and so on. As you read, you will find new words in the setting. You can surmise the importance of new words from the setting of the sentence.

Use an English to English Dictionary and Thesaurus

An online dictionary will give you the definition and will let you hear the articulation. It’s significant not to simply utilize an interpretation instrument. The translation might be useful for you to comprehend the importance of the word in your local language, yet it won’t assist you with incorporating the word into your English mental library.

You should have the option to think about the word in English, and not depend on an interpretation. Else you will think about the word in your own language and will experience issues recuperating it in English when you need it. At that point utilize the thesaurus to discover equivalent words. You don’t need to retain each equivalent word. Pick a few intriguing ones and add them to your jargon diary.

Use a Vocabulary Journal

This can be a little scratchpad that you keep with you where you record new words that you hear or read. Stages 4-7 will disclose valuable approaches to utilize a jargon diary. IELTS training center in Dubai is a good option for the IELTS course in Dubai.

List the various types of the word.

We should take “oversee”. It is an action word. The thing structure is “the executives”, the modifier is “sensible” and the verb modifier is “reasonably”. The past participle is “oversaw. Presently you know five new words rather than one! This will dazzle your IELTS analyst and increment your psychological word bank. A lexicon will, for the most part, give you the diverse word structures shortened as (n) noun (v) verb, (adj) adjective and (adv) for adverb. Join the IELTS preparation course for better preparation.

Write, Write, Write

Composing assists with imbuing new words into your memory. At the point when we hear and see another word, it turns out to be a piece of our detached Our inactive jargon incorporates words that we can see however not utilize. We need to make new words some portion of our dynamic vocabulary. This implies we can both comprehend and utilize new words. Incorporate reading writing a short rundown of an article you have perused utilizing 2 or 3 new words from the article in their different structures.

Pick 10 words from that week and compose a short story, regardless of whether it’s only 100 words. It very well may be an individual reflection, an audit of something you read that week, or a training IELTS article. Take an IELTS course in Dubai or may join the IELTS training center in Dubai.


Hearing words in the setting will assist you in hearing how words are utilized. Listen to the recordings or short film cuts with English captions. At the point when you hear a word that you don’t have the foggiest idea, or experience issues articulating, play it again and sound it out. You can watch recordings and read the transcripts to see the spelling of new words that you hear in the discussions. This will assist you with understanding the way to express words, how they are utilized in setting, and how they are spelled.

Learn a Word a Day.

Check the English Learner’s Dictionary expression of the day for another word every day with the definition, elocution, word structure and model sentences. Add them to your diary rundown and use them in your diary composing and IELTS composing practice.


Consolidate the new words into your regular discussion. Converse with your companions about a motion picture you saw or an article you read, or a pastime you did, utilizing new words you discovered that week. The most ideal approach to recollect words is to utilize them! This will develop your jargon and make the word some portion of your psychological word bank. This will expand your talking familiarity which will help you in the IELTS talking test and you can take the help by the IELTS preparation course for the ordinary English improvement.