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What deprives children from proper education? Read here

proper education

Most of the kids in third world countries or poor countries they say have to fight through a lot of adversaries mainly inflicted by their own government by depriving them the rights to be educated and learn from schools.

If you would notice, since before, there has been a global effort to increase not just the quality of education in these impoverished countries, but also increase the access of education to these children from third-world countries which does not only improve the overall quality of their lives, but also their entire society as the literacy level will eventually increase which is also responsible for the growth of economies as the literacy rate increases in a population, yet a lot of developing countries have limited access to quality education due to some factors.

proper education

However, not all children around the world have access to quality education. Due to poverty, violent conflicts, man-made and natural calamities millions of children around the world do not have proper education most especially in third-world countries where a lot of children are not able to study at school.

Knowing that the children will become our stand as our future leaders, developing them should be everyone’s responsibility and mission which is why in this post, you will be more aware of the importance of education to a child that usually starts at Early Learning Centres.

Education at childhood is a necessity in life, especially at the childhood stage where it is the period where it provides them all the best chances to develop themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally where they can become more aware socially.

It provides them the much-needed experience as well as the confidence to face the world on their own. It is also their stage to explore the image of the world themselves and learn more things on their own through the guidance of High Quality Care & Learning which is why it is very important for children to be educated and it is also the responsibility of each parent to provide their child the right to be educated at a young age, so here are the three main reasons why a lot of children are still being deprived of education.

  1. No proper funding- A lot of developing countries’ governments funnel its funds to different purposes and often times, education comes at the bottom of its priorities as the funds are used to different purposes, but worse it may be used for corruption.
  2. Not enough teachers- A teacher should be the one who molds a child in order to become an educated and literate person, but oftentimes especially in oppressed countries, teachers are untrained, unpaid, and receives support rarely from the government.
  3. Not enough Classrooms- One of the main reasons many developing countries have a poor quality education is because of the lack of classrooms. One of the main reasons there is a shortage of classrooms are overpopulation and other factors.
  4. Conflict areas- The classrooms or schools could either be damaged or destroyed by wars and conflicts in particular countries which deprive the children of being educated at schools. Oftentimes, these children spend most of their time at refugee camps or fleeing to safe places as the conflict rages on.
  5. Calamities- For calamity-prone countries, one of the main reasons why children are being deprived of quality education is frequent damages and destruction of school infrastructures that are hit by calamities and natural disasters.