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Why Learning Touch Typing Is important

Why Learning Touch Typing Is important

Touch Typing, a type of typing skill that is considered as the pinnacle of all typing skills. Touch typing is developed by constant practice (hours and hours), a good hand position and familiarization of keys. What does this all mean in terms of result? Basically, if you develop touch typing you will have a more accurate and faster wpm versus other people that are non-touch typers. It’s a very handy skill nowadays since everyone is comfortable in using a keyboard at home and in the office.

While touch typing can be learned by anyone, it can’t be denied that kids 6 – 10 years of age are the far better people to learn it. This is because their learning curve is much shorter (means their learning is faster). And this is also where good motivation and strategy will begin in order for kids to be interested in learning the skill of typing which ultimately will develop into touch typing. So why is it important to learn touch typing?

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Kids typing can keep up with their ideas: When you got ideas, there are times when you just hate not keeping up with it. Surely you had some time in your like that you got a “light bulb” moment that a sudden idea hits you and you just want to write it all down because you might forget it. While you have a good idea, not everything will be retained nor will be written, why? Because you are too slow to catch your idea. This is also the same with kids, but if you and your kid are touch typers you won’t have a hard time keeping up with your brains in cooking some creative ideas. Who knows your kid might win a nobel peace prize someday and part of their success is when they were able to get their ideas organized all because they were that fast in keeping up with their heads.

It saves time: If you plan to write a whole book or your kid does want to write a book, it’s going to be a long process with a lot of typing involved. If you’re both slow in typing it will take both of you longer to finish your masterpieces. This is why it’s essential to learn touch typing.

Accuracy is high: Touch typing accuracy is high, and that is a fact. Fewer mistakes means you can continue with what you are doing like a well-oiled machine.

It’s less stressful: If you are able to finish your typing tasks fast, it’s less stressful, it doesn’t consume a lot of energy. In a nutshell learning touch typing can make your life easier and less stressful.

Touch typing is the pinnacle of all typing skills. Its the highest point as far as typing is concerned and there is a good reason why people should learn it young and adults alike, this is because it will help them keep up with their ideas, it saves time, it will help them have better results (high accuracy) and it will help lessen their stress. If you want a good place to visit to start touch typing check out