Sunday, July 25, 2021
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How to spread awareness about education in society?

Education is the foundation upon which a society is built. It is very important for the growth of a nation as a whole. There are many advantages that an educated society possesses in comparison to a huge population of uneducated masses. Not only does it benefit at the individual level, but also to the society as a whole.

But the reality is very far from what is expected. In many places education is still taboo at least for the girl child. Ways and means to spread the importance of education have to be undertaken. Not in all places we can find people like bashir dawood who have been instrumental in reaching education to many. There are many ways we can help the spread of education and thereby empowerment among the masses.

  • Counseling the parents is very important since in many cases they stand as hurdles. They are very backward in their opinion that they think providing education is a burden. They prefer to send the boys to work or get their girls married off early. The basic reason behind this decision is poverty. They should be made aware that education can help relieve them from poverty, and this is the only permanent solution. Once they become enlightened they definitely support the education of their children. They should be taught the various benefits that can be enjoyed if their children are educated.
  • Promoting education by giving various incentives can also help in spreading awareness. The fees of the second child in the family can be reduced thereby inducing parents to enroll them in schools. Also, special incentives to those who send their girl children to study should be given. Scholarships can be given to deserving students. Since lack of money is what makes people hesitant, schemes should be such that the state would take care of the child’s basic education. Books can be given free of cost.
  • The role of non-governmental agencies is also important in the spread of education. They can take up teaching children in the interior areas where lack of proper schools force parents to keep their children at home. They can also help the kids by providing many study resources. Special classes can be held for parents to make them aware of the need to provide good education. The NGOs can also help in arranging funds for the higher education of children which otherwise will be stopped due to lack of money.
  • Various radio programs educating the parents and the society can help in influencing their decision. This way they can be made to understand the importance of education. Skits and plays depicting the position of educated in the society can be done.

For a society to be independent and empowered, education is very much important.