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Modern Job Aggregators: Benefiting Employers and Job-Hunters Alike

Before the Internet became closely related to shopping, conducting research, and facilitating logistics, commerce was conducted in smaller, more secluded segments across the globe. Brick and mortar stores once dotted every countryside and metropolis as privately held businesses had strangleholds on smaller locales and centralised markets. Back then, finding viable forms of employment was an arduous undertaking and usually posed a host of issues for willing job-seekers.

Consider the reality of years past; you essentially had to print out multiple copies of your resume, document every local business that posts a “now hiring” sign, facilitate dozens of phone enquiries, and then schedule as many in-person interviews as possible. As you might imagine, this antiquated process usually caused job hunters to reach their wit’s end very quickly. You’d find yourself eagerly anticipating callbacks for weeks on end and, often, you’d be waiting in vain due to the flippant nature of most interviewers. This is due to the fact that local job markets were fully saturated back in the day because firms would essentially monopolise a small segment by dominating a particular municipality’s employment landscape. To boot, the age-old saying of “Beggars can’t be choosers” reigned supreme as most job hunters simply settled for the first positions they could find regardless of the responsibilities, required skills, or prerequisite education.

However, if you fast-forward to the present day, the modern employment marketplace is infinitely more expansive, accessible, and streamlined, which has led to the rise of job aggregators as the foremost resource for both employers and employment-seekers alike.

Benefits for Job Seekers

After establishing an account with a reputable job aggregator, you’ll have the ability to access thousands of job openings across a wide range of countries, which means that you’ll have full reign over how you conduct each search as opposed to sifting through generic listings. You simply upload your resume and create a personalised profile, after which you’ll be able to input specific search filters to find targeted openings in fields that pique your interest. Due to the fact that the entire process is facilitated online, companies are able to save on overhead costs regardless of how many applicants they interview, so the odds of landing a video interview or even an in-person meeting are much higher.

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Benefits for Employers

When it comes to finding the best talent without exhausting your recruiting budget, you’d be hard pressed to find a better resource than a modern job aggregator. After you sign up for an employer account on a reputable job distribution platform, you’ll have access to the following features:

  • Targeted Advertisements: It’s important to note that your job listing won’t be tucked away in some obscure corner of the Internet because renowned job aggregators feature extensive networks of employment sites, recruitment platforms, and staffing programmes. This means that your listings will reach as many relevant eyes as possible without overindulging in self-promotion.
  • Branding: Each listing will have a dedicated banner depicting your company’s slogan, trademark, or logo, which will naturally reinforce your company’s branding approach and differentiate your name.
  • Social Media Access: Provided that our world seems to revolve around Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a host of other social media platforms, you’ll naturally want to infiltrate those airwaves in order to find the best talent. Fortunately, job aggregators employ complex social networking search technology to track job-seekers’ online behaviours. This ensures that your results are always relevant and applicable to the type of talent you’re seeking.
  • Unlimited Alterations: From the onset, you’ll be provided with posting credits that allow you to create job advertisements. These credits never expire and your job posts remain active for 45 days or more, depending on your requirements. To boot, you’ll be able to update and edit your postings in real time on a 24/7 basis, which means that you’ll never be stuck with a less-than-desirable listing.