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Personality Development Classes in Singapore


The purpose of the character development school singapore is to assist the children in their overall growth and development. Character development penetrates many aspects of school life and is considered an essential component of many programmes’ planning process. The long-term character development framework outlines the goals for developing the students in personal responsibility, societal responsibility, and leadership development over the long term.

Prepworksbelieve that education includes several pillars that extend beyond academics. Top schools scrutinise hundreds of applications, and distinguishing yourself from the crowd may make all the difference when sifting through them. Character, value, experiences, and a comprehensive portfolio of non-academic talents are all factors taken into consideration.

Developmental and fundamental values

Based on their views, Prepworks thinks that the most effective way to acquire values is to link personal religious beliefs and experiences in everyday life. This serves as the foundation for our weekly faith development workshops, in which staff and students share their own experiences of God, as well as examples of individuals throughout history who have exemplified the qualities of Commitment, Compassion, and Cheerfulness.

It is the mission of Prepworks to develop morally upright, socially responsible, and caring people and foster a feeling of national identity, cohesion, and harmony in a multiracial and multicultural society, and inspire active participation in the country’s advancement.

Taking a Step Back from Quantitative Results

Getting accepted into the most prestigious universities and colleges for further study is no longer a straightforward procedure in these turbulent times for education. Most organisations’ admission offices utilise methods, such as character-focused essay questions, to ensure that good character trait are consistently evaluated throughout the selection process. Schools are increasingly focusing on factors other than grades and test scores as they strive to provide a more comprehensive admissions experience. Character schools seek a variety of characteristics, including the following:

  • Leadership
  • Motivation and initiative are essential.
  • Responsibility
  • Willingness to take chances is essential.
  • Talents or skills that are unique

To grow into a person of excellent character and a responsible citizen of Singapore, it is essential to instil these principles in oneself. After each term, they recognise students’ efforts based on their daily achievement in school and provide them positive reinforcement.

As students grow, these courses assist them in understanding the physiological, social, and emotional changes that occur in their bodies and minds and develop healthy and fulfilling relationships. It also helps individuals in making smart, educated, and responsible choices about their sexuality.

The Importance of Non-Academic Skills in the Workplace

Character is essential for kids to achieve their goals and pursue their passions. As a result, test scores and GPA are just a few of the numerous considerations taken into consideration. Students who also exhibit characteristics that are compatible with the purpose of the school are seen as potential contributors to the vibrant school community, boosting their chances of being accepted.