Sunday, July 25, 2021
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Solve the puzzle and improve your IQ level

puzzle are the more interesting for all, who loves to spend the time more wisely, the puzzles provide various benefits for the people, some has the habit solving puzzle in every trouble if they solved she puzzle they have the belief there problem will solve in the same manner and some love to challenge their friends to solve the crossword puzzle answers for fun and sometimes they also bet for solving the puzzle, from the schooling to higher education puzzle is loved by many of them in the world. There are many parents who give their child a puzzle book as a gift to encourage them to think widely, the benefits of puzzle solving are

Educate the person– Which involves improving the language skill, improving reasoning ability and increasing the creativity. This makes the mind to get practice how to face the difficult situations in the life.

Improve the IQ level– The research shows the IQ level in human get increased by playing the puzzle games like word game especially the crossword. This helps the player to get to know more about the general things, which increase the general knowledge of the person.

Raise the cognitive level– Many children feel bore of reading if they play puzzle game then they will search for finding the words and know many things playfully without burden of reading. Many mathematical puzzles are there to improve their mathematical power.

 Provide more concentration– Concentration is the most important in the puzzle solving to get the answers, so accordingly the concentration level gets increased. It will be helpful for them in the real life.

Problem solving skills– Many persons are now becoming hardly to solve the problem, but now the puzzle solver will help you to improve your problem solving manner. This is the major quality needed for the modern world.

Provide social skills– It promote social responsibility like how to co-ordinate with people in the outside world, how they have to adjust as a group.

So go on solving more crosswords, if you did not get the answer or if you want to check the answer then make use of the crossword puzzle answers in the website like If you are a parent of a child then doesn’t waste time make your child to solve puzzle. Even if you have free time take any magazine of your choice and get to solve puzzles in that and verify your answers here.