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Why has history subject always been so intriguing to study in the schools?


There is a preconceived notion that history is not as important as science in schools. The idea, perceived by most of the people is completely baseless. Studying history in school is important as the history tells the story about our origin. History is the only subject that talks about the inception of human civilization. The subject is restricted to a certain sector as every subject has a historical part. For example, if we talk about the discovery of zero then we have to go back to the ancient Indian history to invoke the Arya Bhatta who discovered this mathematical digit.

Studying history in school is essential for as it enables us to understand the past that helps to understand the present scenario. History helps to analyze the present complication related to society, politics and economics. If we want to look for the answers of the present conflict that is happening all across world then we need to take help from history. History talks about the success and failure of the human race. History points out the manmade jeopardy that ended one after another civilization.

What are Importance of Studying History in School?

History provides an insight of the society and culture and narrates the origin of a civilization. There is a popular phase that says ‘history repeats itself’. The phrase denotes that history as a subject points out the mistakes made by the human race so that the present generation can rectify the mistakes for a better future. But in most cases people ignore the mistakes and unknowingly repeat the same fallacy. The tendency of repeating same mistakes leads to ruin a whole civilization. Therefore, history helps us to find out the solution of the problems.

At times history may bother the students in schools as the subject deals with dates and years to indicate the event that already happened. It is because the way of teaching that sometimes intimidates the students regarding the chronology. Nevertheless, history is important as the subject is a directory of events that are recorded in a chronological manner. This helps to keep the tract of the already occurred events in the world. History has the track of when a culture was formed. History is the only subject that spread the awareness and understanding about the increasing cross cultural transmission.


Benefits of Studying History in School

Studying history in school is essential as it enables the student to get an insight of the current world. The students are made aware of the past trends of cultural, political and economic scenario so that they can predict the upcoming trend. You can check the History related questions and answers on the various forums, websites available on internet for better understanding of the subject. The students get an overview of the existence of the current rules of the society. In order to learn the reason behind the implementation of social welfare programs the students need to learn about the great depression and new deal. In order to know about the reason behind the struggle to bring equality in the society, then then student should learn about the civil rights movement.

In conclusion it can be said that, studying history enables the students to enhance the memory. The emphasis on remembering events in a chronological manner make is the best exercise for brains. The subject helps to enhance the critical thinking among the students. The tendency of critical thinking is essential for all the sphere of life and academic as well. As the subject tells the breviary of the monarchs the students get the knowledge of the importance of the victory monuments. Studying the importance of historical monuments gives an idea of the old societal viewpoint.