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How to Get Started with JEE Preparation

Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) has replaced IIT-JEE (Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination) in 2013. The exam is taken in order to select the eligible candidates for different Indian Engineering programs, The IIT-JEE (now JEE) is based on MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) to test the basic knowledge of the candidate’s in various fields of Engineering. The JEE is associated with two levels: JEE Main and JEE Advanced. The JEE Advanced is required for some selective curriculum. As per most of the students, JEE is regarded as one of the toughest exams. But, success can be achieved through a serious and thorough preparation.

 Familiarity of Exam Pattern is Essential

The first step of preparation is to get familiar with the exam pattern. This will help in making your preparation blueprint. In JEE Main, you have to solve 90 Multiple Choice Questions in the three hours of total duration. The exam comprises of 3 sections of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics with 30 questions in each section. Give equal stress to all 3 sections. You will be awarded four points for every correct answer as well as have to give a penalty of one point for each wrong answer. No points will be credited or debited for the unanswered questions. The JEE Advanced has a different structure from that of JEE Main. In the JEE Advanced, three sections are same (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) as JEE Main, but there will be two papers with the duration of three hours each. Three sections will be there in each paper (each subject for each section). The structure of the paper is as follows:

  • Paper-1: Each section is associated with 10 MCQs (with one correct answer), 5 MCQs (with one or more correct answers) and five questions with a single-digit answer.
  • Paper-2: Each section is associated with 8 MCQs (with one correct answer), 8 questions are based on responding to a reading passage and some questions are based on “matching-list”.


Design Your Preparation Blueprint

Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are the common subjects of both the JEE Main and JEE Advanced. You can have a better idea of preparation by going through the following tips:

  • You JEE preparation should start with a thorough observation of the prescribed JEE syllabus. It will help you to sort out the exam specific topics.
  • A range of JEE specific books is required in order to clear the concepts. Ask your teachers for the best books for jee 2017 and 2018 preparation and start your preparation accordingly.
  • There are various prestigious coaching centers are available in different Cities that provide different JEE preparation packages with lots of additional features. If you want to enroll yourself in one of the programs, you can go through their websites for detailed information.
  • As all of the 3 subjects (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) are of equal importance, so it’s essential to give equal stress to all of them.
  • Physics is rich in different concepts and you should focus and clear each and every required concept. After learning the theory part, practice the numerical questions (relevant to exam pattern). Write down the formulas again and again for memorizing them.
  • Chemistry is full of chemical equations and equation balancing related questions. So, clearing the concepts and practicing a lot of questions related to them is essential. Organic Chemistry is an important as well as complex section, so don’t leave this particular section with any doubt.
  • After making a strong foundation of every subject, it’s time to start solving questions from previous year questions papers. It will brush up and sharp your already learnt concepts.
  • The final part of the preparation is mock test appearance. You should appear to a number of such tests in order to get the real flavor of the actual exam. Through the official JEE website, you can give the mock tests at a free of cost.

You have to maintain a sound health throughout the preparation and during the exam. So, the selection of the best books for preparation of iit jee (now JEE), timely problem-solving, and giving a number of mock tests will make a solid preparation for the next year JEE.